In 1998 the start of the company lead by Dr. Bobby Ryans identify a very concerning trend. Hence, Dr. Ryans seeing mark grow in children with social communications skills issues visiting his practice. Thus, his attention starts a long and intense journey for Dr. Ryans as he develops this company. Dr. Ryans’ study and thorough clinical experience led him to a clearer understanding of the causes of social communications disorder. Such as DHD, Dyslexia, Processing Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Ryans saw the disorders as proof of a basic problem in the brain called Functional Disconnection Syndrome. Inequality in brain development was a common thread among all the learning and behavioral issues.


He then develops a new approach that addressed correcting brain inequality. By applying a regimen of three key activities that provoke and promote brain development:


  • Sensory Motion Development


  • Academic Development


  • Nutrition


Alcu in communication available to as many children as possible. Improving the lives of these children and making them the very best they can possibly be.


By the year 2005, the company starts to widen its scale by entering the wide viewers of the internet. They start to have their article that Dr. Ryans wrote that involve the children with the development issues. The purpose is to reach more people and be aware of this kind of condition that other children have experience. And also, to help other people to have knowledge of how to help and accept them with love. Though this kind of disorder is a lifetime condition we want for the children to be involved in the normal activities of ordinary people. So that they will not be afraid and lost their self-worth.

Now people around the world are aware and have concerns in this kind of condition that the children have.  Thus, they were taught to know the cause of it and be aware of how to avoid it during pregnancy.